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Is radio dead? Long live the radio!

Radio Kapitał aims to build a modern platform fit for exchanging thoughts and sounds, presenting author's programs about culture, literature arts and music in all sorts of genres. Radio Kapitał is the answer to the need to create an independent space of expression, grassroots action - not for profit, but for personal satisfaction and social benefit. Its co-creation involves various collectives operating at the junction of music, culture and activism, cultural initiatives, clubs and publishing houses, but also individuals, radio enthusiasts, sound engineers, artists and DJs. By sharing skills and experience from various spheres, we create Warsaw collective radio together!

What is an independent radio? Its tradition stems from the environments of amateur radio players, who from the very beginning of broadcasting conducted transmissions into ethers regardless of state and international regulations. Until today, in many countries there are local broadcasters that transmit into ether illegally - due to state bans or restrictive licensing requirements. The so-called. "Community radios", whose tradition dates back to the 1960s, are created to serve as voices of various communities, mobilizing around specific issues and goals, around selected identities (including religion, ethnic group, gender, locality, views). Today, "community radio" is both local radios with licenses, as well as those operating without concessions, local radio stations, internet radios and podcasts as well as participatory bands on state and private radios. It’s grassroots Latin American radios populares, licensed anarchist broadcasters Freies Radio in Austria, queer-anarchist-feminist podcasts created in Texas, Japanese micro-stations, local internet stations in Beirut. It’s broadcasts of minority groups at Canadian university radio stations and participatory radio programs broadcasting from poverty districts of Nairobi.

“I have nothing, you have nothing - we set up the radio.” As a community radio, Radio Kapitał is built based on social shareholding. The shares can be purchased during radio events as well as in the Fundacja Bęc Zmiana store in Warsaw (Mokotowska 65 street). Each shareholder gains the right to participate in the shareholders' meetings and thus to decide about the future and politics of the radio. The radio’s name refers to one of the slogans of the Komuna Warszawa residence in MSN - "Capitalism IS!". This is Komuna’s new intellectual provocation and an invitation to look for new forms of activity in the face of obvious ineffectiveness of verbal abstinence from the system. At a time when some of the intellectual elite are attempting a positive revaluation of former communist project, the creators of Komuna have no doubts: we live in a world of capitalism, nothing will change in the foreseeable future, so it is better to negotiate and / or use their strategies, rather than to naïvely believe in anti-capitalist revolution. It's better to create Radio Kapitał!