CLARO: pres. Fata & Morgana

Agata Kneć

Fata & Morgana (which means ‚mirage’ in many languages) is the alias of Pawel Chojecki, Polish musician, DJ and sound engineer based in Berlin. He combines electronic music with ethnic melodies into deep and melodic sets inspired by sounds from around the world. After growing up in different European countries, finishing a music school in Poland and a sound engineering school in Switzerland, he finally settled in Berlin. He made his debut on the Fusion Festival in 2013 and was quickly accepted into the local club scene, more specifically in Kater Blau, his home club where he was taking care of the sound for over 3 years. It is there the he started playing alongside the best artists in the genre like the band ‚Matanza’ from Chile, which he is now part of as the sound engineer. Fata & Morgana performed on stages in festivals and clubs in many countries: Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, France, Romania, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Lebanon, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Chile and more…

podobne odcinki


pongifani: #12 – dreamscape floating simulator


Mięthlik: #8 Hej! Kwiatek