Cold Reading: 5 / Ian Nagoski

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Ian Nagoski jest badaczem muzyki i producentem. Specjalizuje się w nagraniach imigrantów z początku XX wieku. Wyprodukował albumy dla Dust-to-Digital, Tompkins Square, Mississippi Records, Important, Database of Recorded American Music i własnej – legendarnej już – wytwórni Canary Records, gdzie wydaje absolutnie unikatowe archiwalne nagrania. Prowadzi wykłady w Stanach Zjednoczonych i Europie.

Ian Nagoski is a music researcher and reissue record producer in Baltimore, MD, USA who specializes in early 20th century recordings by immigrants to the US. He has produced albums for Dust-to-Digital, Tompkins Square, Mississippi Records, Important, the Database of Recorded American Music, and his own Canary label. He has lectured widely across the U.S. and Europe.

  • [birth] Dawn in an Old World Garden, English Songbirds Awakening. Actually Recorded in Beatrice Harrison's Garden, Oxted, Surrey
  • [pulse] Eliane Radigue - Jesun Mila (excerpt)
  • [revolt] Albert Ayler - Truth is Marching In
  • [sun deity] Catherine Christer Hennix - The Electric Harpsichord (excerpt)
  • [grief] Cemetery Lamentation - field recording made in Serbia by Herman C. Vuylsteke
  • [opium visions] Utd. Mohammed Hussain Sarahang - Dosh Az Nazar Khayal To Daman Kashan Gozasht (excerpt)
  • [mephistophelian] Miles Davis - Rated X
  • [vagabond] Charley Patton - Poor Me
  • [relief] Richard & Linda Thompson - When I Get to the Border
  • [tribute to...] Lou Harrison - Threnody for Carlos Chavez (excerpt)
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