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“She began to ask herself whether these gesticulations might not, perhaps, be a necessary concomitant of the piece of music that was being played, a piece which, it might be, was in a different category from all the music that she had ever heard before; and whether to abstain from them was not a sign of her own inability to understand the music, and of discourtesy towards the lady of the house; with the result that, in order to express by a compromise both of her contradictory inclinations in turn, at one moment she would merely straighten her shoulder-straps or feel in her golden hair for the little balls of coral or of pink enamel, frosted with tiny diamonds, which formed its simple but effective ornament, studying, with a cold interest, her impassioned neighbour, while at another she would beat time for a few bars with her fan, but, so as not to forfeit her independence, she would beat a different time from the pianist’s.”


  • StacEmp - Closer
  • Pfirter, Grindvik - Speed
  • Conceptual - I Always Feel Like Somebody Is Watching Me
  • Polanski - Chthonic Deity
  • Fret - The Hill
  • Reeko - Weak Spots
  • Conceptual - Me Medesimo
  • Keepsakes - Ignorant Irony (UVB Remix)
  • Reeko - He's coming
  • Conceptual - Not An Easy One
  • Reeko - Psychiatric Hospital
  • JLTZ - Rise From The Abyss
  • Lesser Of - Masked (Reeko remix)
  • Conceptual - Paradise of Poets
  • British Murder Boys - All The Saints Have Been Hung
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Wieloświat: Jacek Sienkiewicz (30 lat polskiej sceny techno)