Horror Show – Guest Mix: #20 GO NUCLEAR

Paulina Staniszewska

New Zealand based duo Go Nuclear’s 2016 debut on Bass Agenda Recordings ignited a swift rise, blending electro with techno and extreme noise. Backed by industry giants like DJ Stingray and Helena Hauff, they’ve released acclaimed split records with Detroit’s Filthiest. Live, they deliver hardcore machine music, live MC, and precise data sequencing. Their new imprint NUCLEAR THREAT sets a new standard with hi-NRG vinyl releases. Go Nuclear pays homage to Detroit’s legacy, proving the enduring power of authentic electro.

  • MAS 2008, Straight Into The Future
  • 207737, Electro Encounters
  • Go Nuclear, Who Controls Technology [Fear No System]
  • Lucid Distraction, Tremors (User Delusion Remix)
  • Nate Nubia, Aquaman vs Submariner
  • MAS 2008, I Am A Rhythm Machine
  • Ultradyne, True to the Realm
  • Nuklear Prophet, Let the Bass Drop 1.0
  • Wachita China, CANT B3
  • Body Mechanic, The Doo (Spade Mix)
  • Ctrls, The Wash [Mechatronica]
  • Unspecified Enemies, Liquid Floor [Numbers]
  • Altern-8, Frequency (Jensen Interceptor's Terror Mix)
  • Body Mechanic, Noirtech [Detroit Techno Records]
  • Wachita China, THE ADVANCED II
  • Erik Travis, Fused Warp Drive
  • Second Storey, E Honda [Mechatronica]
  • Ultradyne, What must we do for chaos?
  • MAS 2008, P-Machinery
  • Ghostwhip, Where 2 Go (Bass Mix)
  • MAS 2008, Breaks
  • PTHGN, Outer Ring
  • Erik Travis, Wic O Wac
  • Go Nuclear - Brain Scoop
  • Dagga - Back It Up
  • Al Bird Dirt, Congratulations, You Landed On The Moon
  • Go Nuclear - F*ckn Hotstyle
  • Sickboy Milkplus, Tweencore
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Oramics: DJ Shahmaran


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