indonesian ֍ sounds҉cape: #16 – EASTERNDAZE 2021

Jerzy Sergiusz Malanowicz

\indonesian֍sounds҉cape x dôdô\ is like, you know, you’re waking up & taming your horse & shit, & then you see & realize something is, like, \wrong with your horse. And then you take care of it, & brush !it, & talk to !it, & then suddenly everything’s fine, but actually it is not fine, it’s a total disaster.:. Fuck me, I hate this shit.:. That’s it, I have had enough, I give up. Sit down. It’s time to get a job. Godspell.

  • Dri - Vanessa Amara
  • Rebellion, Daydreaming - Vanessa Amara
  • Of Yours - Vanessa Amara
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