nieśmiałość.: #34 – Suspiriorum / Julia

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„The second sister is called Mater Suspiriorum, Our Lady of Sighs. She never scales the clouds, nor walks abroad upon the winds. She wears no diadem. And her eyes, if they were ever seen, would be neither sweet nor subtle; no man could read their story; they would be found filled with perishing dreams, and with wrecks of forgotten delirium.” Levana and our ladies of sorrow, Thomas De Quincey

  • Susan Christie – Rainy Day
  • The Tear Garden – In Search Of My Rose
  • deep tan – deepfake
  • De Ambassade – Malefica
  • Essaie Pas – Carcajou
  • Masahiko Sato – Witch Hunt
  • Goblin – Sighs
  • Broadcast – Our Darkest Sabbath
  • Thom Yorke – The Universe is Indifferent
  • Mattiel – Send It Over
  • SQÜRL – Spooky Action At A Distance
  • Raime – Your Cast Will Tire
  • Melentini – Εν α​ρ​χ​ή ην ο έ​ρ​ω​ς
  • Nico – Abschied
  • Hala Strana – Time
  • TwinSisterMoon – Amantsokan
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