Oramics: Kmya


Podcast No. 204 by Kmya for Oramics platform

Kitty has worked tirelessly within the underground dance music scene, consistently trying to reshape long-established structures in order to build a healthier and more sustainable industry. A founder of Manchester-based party & collective B.L.O.O.M., and more recently London’s Risen Festival, she has as a promoter and record player, firmly established herself as one of London’s most versatile DJs and dance floor energies. Constantly on the lookout for fresh talent, she’s known mostly for deep sea diving into the world of cosmic chuggers, twinkling house crawlers or catapulting dance floors high into the tripped-out trance exosphere.

  • Transmigration - Starship Heart of Gold
  • Shjva - Global Roots
  • Ramzi - Afloat (Original)
  • Tamlin - Green Jack
  • North Phase - Groover Merchant
  • Ahmet Mecnun - Alexis Bloom
  • DJ Life - The Barrens
  • North Phase - Room 1
  • InnerZone - Psychedelic Playground
  • Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution
  • Step Ball Chain - Memories of the Secret
  • Maara - Ultimate Revenge
  • Dowd - Baby Wants to Fly
  • Pyramid of Knowledge - Storm Passed
  • Maara - Do You Feel Me ft. NAP (D. Tiffany Remix)
  • emkay - Bootiesong
  • Amy Dabbs - Love Can Do No Wrong (Let it out)
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