Oramics: P-T2


Podcast No. 201 by P-T2 for Oramics platform.

The artist probably achieved more in our field than most do in a lifetime. P-T2’s understanding of music and night culture goes this deep because they already lived every aspect of it – as a dancer, bartender, host, as a DJ and producer, as labelhead, as an activist and as head of the famous club Rote Sonne in Munich. Made from all these impressions she formed the persona taking place in the DJ booths now. Their sound? The very best of – one part electro, one part techno, every part acid; sometimes playful, sometimes avantgarde, sometimes spacey, but always on point.

  • Locked Club - Baikal Boogie
  • Assembler Code & Jenson Interceptor - Turnin' Headz
  • Luke Eargoggle & Rutherford - Stalkers Behave
  • Mono Junk Vs. Mesak - Deep In My Electro Mind
  • Umwelt - Conquest of Darkness
  • Pleasure Boys - Visage
  • The Anarchy Skywalkers - FAT
  • Zeta Reticula - Solar Analogs
  • Rnbws - Galaxy
  • Dirty Hospital - The General
  • Paul Mac - The Master
  • Marco Bailey - Jesters
  • Phil Walls - Tha Humma
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