Pasmo gościnne: Gerardo Garcia vol. 2


Originally from Mexico, I am a music lover. I have been for more than 25 years a tireless listener of different genres and musical proposals. I am inclined by the harmonic and experimental sounds, it seems contradictory and it is, nevertheless it is in that mixture where I find the point to my favorite tastes in the musical palette.

The program: late night drive

The conception of the night for me is a moment of peace, of harmony and yet also of festivity and joy. That is why I cannot think of separating these two aspects, where in the night there is the light of melodic and symphonic themes from time to time and on the other hand the sounds of celebration and certain chaos appear. Imagine that you return home after a day’s work or you go out with friends and go back home. This set tries to accompany the listener in those nocturnal moments.

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Elektroniczne Hipotezy: #32