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For the last 8 years I was actively developing electronic music scene in my hometown. Events were a huge part of my life, the music was always there and stood for the magical connection with people, for satisfaction and for freedom. I couldn’t imagine all of this ending one day just like that. After the attack of russian occupants and after hearing the sirens – life has separated into before and after. The adaptation process was difficult, my values quickly changed and one month later I decided to share something I was getting my therapy from.

This podcast contains a message from my brother, that was recorded in Kyiv during missile explosions, some of my favorite tracks from local and foreign artists, ending with a Ukrainian drum&bass track “Rankom”. With this I want to bring your attention to the fact that Russia is creating a real genocide of Ukrainian people right now, rushist are ruining the cities, the war just goes on and everyone who hasn’t fled Ukraine are waking up being thankful they woke up at all. Our guys from UMF are showing true courage and honor. We are fighting for our country, for our freedom.

If you want to support our beloved Ukraine – there’s a volunteer site “Come back alive”, where you can donate to our army
If you want to support me – here are my requisites:
monobank [uah]: 5375414105546021

Thank you for your attention!
Truth and peace will prevail!
Glory to Ukraine!

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