Pielesze: s02e11//part2//Silencio! No Hay Banda!

Wojtek Siwik

„The idea tells you everything. Lots of times I get ideas, I fall in love with them. Those ones you fall in love with are really special ideas. And, in some ways, I always say, when something’s abstract, the abstractions are hard to put into words unless you’re a poet. These ideas you somehow know. And cinema is a language that can say abstractions.”

  • Svarte Greiner - Final Sleep
  • Angelo Badalamenti - Country Theme
  • On Dead Waves - Autumn Leaves
  • Liars - Mess On A Mission
  • Thomas Truax - Prove It To My Daughter
  • Iceage - Catch It
  • O$VMV$M - Oasis Weir
  • O$VMV$M - Sleep
  • Matana Roberts - Pov Piti
  • Avila - All Shook Up
  • The Shangri-Las - Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)
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