Iza Smelczyńska
  • Zimoun – 663 prepared dc-motors, 3315m rope, steel washers ø 40mm, 2018 (excerpt of live recorded sound installation)
  • Jacob Kirkegaard - Swimming Pool
  • Vinyl Crackling sound effect
  • Martin Küchen ‎– The Orphanage
  • Alvin Lucier – Music on a long thin wire
  • 4 hours of rain and thunder, real storm sound for good sleep Thunderstorm (excerpt)
  • 1 hour Soothing Nature Sounds-Sound of Water WO Birds Singing-Relaxation-Relaxing Waterfall (excerpt)
  • Sonic Youth – Shadow of a drone (edited)
  • Matmos – Ulitimate Care II Excerpt Seven
  • Sound of a B-17 Airplane Engine
  • Bogusław Schaeffer – Project for Tuba and Tape
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Idę na: Ephemera Festival special (gościni: Gosia Płysa)


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