Saturday Saturation: Feat. Smolny #98


Dive into the pulsating beats and cutting-edge sounds of our electronic music showcase, where we explore the latest trends in UK garage, breakbeats, and 2-step rhythms. Our electronic odyssey promises a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and pushes the limits of musical innovation.

In this electrifying auditory experience, expect to be enveloped by the infectious grooves of UK garage, characterized by its syncopated rhythms and soulful vocal samples. The genre’s fusion of house and jungle elements creates a dynamic and dancefloor-friendly atmosphere that is sure to captivate listeners.

The breakbeats segment introduces a raw and edgy dimension, featuring fractured rhythms and sharp percussive elements. This avant-garde exploration delves into the underground, showcasing artists who push the boundaries of conventional electronic music.

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Pasmo gościnne: Makido




Dżungla Jest Masywna: #6