sonic-fiction: Post-Geography

Adam Radź

„Amsterdam to Den Haag, intercity link; more rain against the glass. Vitamin C tablet, caffeine tablet. Low power mode, battery dying — fingerprints smudged across a QR code. “11:11 again,” watercolors rushing by in quick mechanical rhythm. An electronic voice, a woman’s voice, one swollen gland. Battery dead — the hi-hats ping-ponging in the residue of the night before. ”

Gościnny miks Nicholasa Malkina, prowadzącego audycję Post-Geography na NTSie, wydającego swoją muzykę na Mondoju, Soda Gong, Geographic North.

  • Ex-Terrestrial - Current Location
  • Gabriola - Net of Being
  • Paperclip Minimiser - A2
  • D. Tiffanzy and Roza Terenzi - Spiritual Delusion
  • Roman Flügel - Room 385
  • Sa Pa - Buyan
  • Sebastiano Carghini - Lingua
  • val clipp ft. Voice Actor - hand gestures
  • asio opus - Cloaked
  • Purelink - Let’s Make a Pact
  • Gnork - Massage (eXXXtented Pleasure Mix)
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