Xenolalia: #14 Lost tapes of Castello Bizzarro: PLK

Klaudyna Koźmińska


First episode of the series:
„Lost Tapes of Castello Bizzarro”

coming back to the found footages of concerts and dj sets of Castello Bizzarro Festival 2023

(she/her) DJ from Katowice, intermedia creator, producer of electronic music and hybrid forms of activities in the field of the audiosphere. Experimenting with digitized soundscape spaces exploring the platform of hydrofeminism, acoustic ecology and mapping of sound anomalies. A warrior of 3D worlds and the club music scene. Member of the rap and noise collaboration Xenon x PLK, founder of the Silesian project @zgrzyt.music . In her free time, a mycologist and researcher of the relationship between sound, mycostructures and the evolution of consciousness.

CASTELLO BIZZARRO is a queer gothic genre-bending music and arts festival happening in the medieval castle in Będzin, southern Poland.
Next edition is gonna take place on 26-27.07.2024

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