A Takt With The Devil

Right after the fall of the iron curtain, Poland has become a pirate’s haven and was a leading producer of counterfeit tapes. „Labels” like TAKT, MG Records, Baron or ALF took advantage of loopholes in copyright laws dubbing tapes and CDs acquired in western European countries and distributing them on a MASSIVE scale pretty much everywhere around Poland… Some of the people behind this shady operation eventually legalized their businesses and became official distributors and manufacturers for western giants. Today, apart from their sentimental value and sometimes funny, cheesy aesthetic (some of the custom artworks are THE SHIT), these cassettes are worth next to nothing because of the crappy dubbing and low-quality ferric grade tape which degraded even more after hundreds of hours of usage. Let’s embrace them as they are and dig into the rich sound of 80s/90s death/thrash/black metal as seen and heard through the flat, distorted and sometimes funky lens of the post-communist era.


odcinki (14)


A Takt With The Devil: #14


A Takt With The Devil: #13 – Polish Crust Punk


A Takt With The Devil: #12


A Takt With The Devil: #11


A Takt With The Devil: #10


A Takt With The Devil: #9