Agata Kneć: AIR RAID SIREN by Ukraine Nina Eba

Agata Kneć

podcast run by Ukraine based DJ Nina Eba

On the 24th of February, the Russian Federation started a full-scale invasion of my country, Ukraine. This podcast is reflection on this horrible war and genocide of Ukrainian people. I do it to attract the attention of the whole world, because we need help from all people! In this podcast you will hear music and stories from our underground sound producers. Slava Ukraini!

Doing this episode was challenging for me, every time when I opened my laptop, turned on the microphone (i found one here for karaoke haha) and my audiobox, sirens always started and i had to pack it all and go to shelter. Some of the takes were recorded in the basement, some near the river, some at home.

  • NFNR - Cards Against Humanity
  • Nata Teva - LASKA
  • Illia Kovalenko - The Sunset of Donbass
  • Illia Kovalenko - Vent
  • Lugovskiy - Monoohm & Dee Posh - Otche (Lugovskiy Remix)
  • Kinder Limo - RAINBOW
  • Oleksii Podat - tutorial world
  • Oi Fusk - По кому подзвін
  • Pangoud - 50 Anima
  • Nina Eba - SID
  • evil iseeshine - doublefaced
  • human margareeta - In Your Face
  • Lugovskiy & Figurat - Хвилею (BADWOR7H Remix)
  • Pavlo Halchenko - Ukr jazz
  • Tetyana Khoroshun - Морське Зілля
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