Casplay: #15 Inherroom


Nazrin is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is built on empiric research. Her approach to existence is observed as an exploration of variables of the unpredictable, which echoes in her art practice. Thus nurturing her experimentalist experience of self-transformation into a conscious and harmonious being. Sound nurtures Nazrin’s discoveries, enriching her philosophical & spiritual vision with a myriad of immersive & transcendental experiences that she aspires to share with others.

  • Shaman - intro
  • Sisterlove - The Hypnotist (O.K. Mr Morgul)
  • Mark Van Hoen - Real Love
  • New Composers - Neuro Love
  • Organ Tapes- Fly Higher
  • Perila- can we just be real
  • Laurel Halo - Hyphae
  • Abdullah Miniawy- A’la
  • Hybryds- Love
  • Ishq-Globular Cluster
  • Bug bus piano - Thank u, next(12-105%_1000_-2_R)
  • Lifted-Total Cure
  • Aisha Devi- Time(tool)
  • Jordon Alexander- One for Baldessari
  • Девушкин сон- Вокруг Света
  • Cocteau Twins - Cherry-Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix)
  • AIR Krew- Old Asics
  • Beat Happening- Godsend
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