Casplay: 20 / Azad Badalov live


Azad began his musical journey at the age of 9 when he started studying piano at a music school. As he grew older, his passion for music led him to explore different instruments and genres. In 2008, he became a student in conservatory, where he not only continued his piano studies but also delved into the realms of organ and drums. Throughout this time, he developed a strong interest in composition and jazz, which further fueled his creative pursuits. s Azad graduated conservatory,he dedicated more time to music production. He honed his skills by working in different studios, composing and arranging music for various artists, and even scoring music for films.Azad Badalov is actively performing with his live acts, hybrid (a combination of keyboards, sequencers with controllers, groove machines, and synthesizers) and dj sets. He likes to blend multiple genres, including funk, acid jazz, fusion, ambient, house, breakbeat, jungle,offering an eclectic and dynamic experience to his audience.

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Midnightly: #10 – Ambient Jazz