Girls* to the Front: BLESSED BE THE WITCH_ES

Agata Wnuk i Ola Kamińska

[ENG below] BLESSED BE THE WITCHES to audio zapis performensu Vali T. Foltyn i Mai Chiary Faber. Podczas BLESSED BE THE WITCHES, Foltyn analizuje trudną przeszłość w poszukiwaniu queerowej przyszłości. Łącząc siły z queerową czarownicą i tarocistką Mają Chiarą Faber, BLESSED BE THE WITCHES jest próbą stworzenia portalu dla duchów, czarownic i wampirów, wejścia w dialog z archiwami i otworzenia się na nowe wizje przyszłości. Performens oryginalnie miał miejsce w Art Hub Copenhagen, ale zachęcamy/zapraszamy do wykorzystania muzyki we własnych rytuałach i poszukiwaniach, szczególnie w około-Andrzejkowym czasie. Queers and witches to the front!
BLESSED BE THE WITCH_ES (live recording from Art Hub Copenhagen, 24.11.22)

A performance act by Vala T. Foltyn and Maja Chiara Faber is an experiential portal for the community of ghosts, witches, and vampires. As a queer witch Foltyn choreographes rituals as reenactments of the difficult pasts in the search for queer futures. Thinking with Belgian anthropologist Vinciane Despret, she creates a non-hostile environment for the dead and invites those who are alive to walk in between the realms, opening and speaking with the archives. For this occasion, Foltyn invited a fellow artist witch Maja Chiara Faber, who together with Foltyn co-hosted many events at Lamella the queer house in Kraków and is known for her sound exorcisms and queer tarot readings. The former home of Vala T. Foltyn – a century-old historical villa in Kraków and a refuge for the queer community will be relocated again to unfold its intimate stories, scents, and sounds of resistance on the site of Art Hub Copenhagen.


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