Horror Show – Guest Mix: #2 EKATA

Paulina Staniszewska

EKATA is a London based DJ/Producer + Natural Selection Resident who has become a prominant and well respected artist in the Electro scene.

In 2022, she was selected as one of the new faces of TRESOR in Berlin, which saw her play an Electro set in the prestigious cage back in September. She has also played at the likes of Meraki, Fold + HÖR and she has a well recieved release on highly esteemed Avoidant, the Electro sub label of Soma records under her belt. With 5 more releases planned this year on some of her favourite Electro labels aswell as debut shows in Paris this spring, she’s set to flourish further in 2023.

EKATA is self-described as genre and sound obsessive. She has built a reputation as a huge advocate for purist Electro and an artist that orchestrates a dark and warped experience that brings energy to the dancefloor with her meticulous signature style. Her sound best personifies ominous grooves and obvious sci-fi fixations which embody her carefully picked selections.

  • The Hacker - Life Death
  • Carlos Native - Area 274
  • Cellmod - Control Nothing
  • Rawtary - Dualism
  • CKFT (Keith Tucker x Carl Finlow) - Coder
  • Yarn Innit - Scanning
  • CYRK - Attack of the blow up dolls
  • Larionov & St Theodore - Razor edge
  • DataintrÜng - Icicles
  • Anthony Rother - Total Vision
  • Max Ulis - Shower Scene
  • Löicc - Impulse responses
  • Tripeo - Echo Cages
  • Somoah - Unknown Certainty
  • Binary Algorithms - Hacking Realities
  • Unklevon - Type-U
  • Partizan - Plucks
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