Horror Show – Guest Mix: #3 DJ ZAMOCNO

Paulina Staniszewska

DJ ZAMCONO- An artist, musician, philanthropist. Lublins hood representative and a member of Warsaw based song and dance group – MUWMENT. He started his adventure on a borrowed Numark Party Mix which he never gave back…. He plays music straight from the dingy Bristol cellars to the also super obscure Berlin graffiti crackhouses… …where you don’t fall asleep early.

  • Ryszard Rynkowski- Życie jest nowelą
  • Frederic. -Fainted (MCR-T Remix)
  • Turk Turkelton -X Statione
  • Zpectrum -Ba$$ Down Lo -Submarine Slipstream
  • B.Bilbo, Master Niggel -Tag team (DJ Hörde Bootleg)
  • DJ Simlocked -Get up, Ride That
  • 808bhz -Sirena
  • Bernossi -Baba Material (Baba H Edit)
  • DOBRIYDRUG -Ride this d*ck
  • polaroidbær -Ivy
  • Lai Raw -Keisha
  • Play boy Joe ft. Celli G Hustle -Come true
  • Stef de Haan -Pursuit of life
  • Amadeezy -She’s a freak
  • Salush -Pass That Shit
  • Mischluft -imma
  • Von Riu-Raveyard
  • TSAVAGE - Barty Hard
  • Mezer -Feeling you, Feeling me (mezer Rejuked)
  • High Fidelity - Outta My Mind
  • Saku Sahara - Drums Unity
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