Oramics: XANI


Podcast No. 190 by XANI for Oramics platform.

XANI is a Wrocław-based DJ & film producer & visual artist. She loves being unpredictable and usually changes genres every 3 tracks, as long as it has a nice bassline. Her sets are pure chaotic energy, a fusion between a 2003’s R’n’B mixtape that’s still stuck in your car’s stereo and packed dance floors straight from London’s own Shoreditch, longing for the times when drum’n’bass was still mainstream. She loves storytelling and making you feel that sexy audio-nostalgia… XANI had the pleasure of playing in many Polish cities, as well as being featured on Radio Luz, Radio Kapitał, Radio RAM and U Know Me Records’ broadcast.

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Muzyczne Ciało: ARKAEI


Przesyt: #101 – Ulubieńcy września