Horror Show – Guest Mix: #5 MIDNIGHT CHAOS

Paulina Staniszewska

Midnight Chaos is a group of two young resident DJs from the Parisian collective Atrium with the ambition of shaking up the EBM and Techno Indus scene in France. These two friends intend to assert themselves on the French techno scene by focusing on their complementarity. They are just waiting to unleash passions on the dancefloor through brutal sounds and a thoughtful BPM. The dark, powerful and percussive melodies mark the identity of Midnight Chaos.

These two friends, Theppie and Saint Clair, have joined forces under the banner of Midnight Chaos to offer a nocturnal and nostalgic twist on the world. They love to mix frantic melodies and other more industrial sounds during their performances.

Let yourself be transported by the post-punk and synthwaves tunes of Saint Clair, to which are added a heavy techno with the transgressive and provocative percussions of Theppie. A clever mix that stems from their desire, from an uncompromising universe.

With the alliance of their strength, the violence of their sounds and the beauty of their harmony, Midnight Chaos intends to bring a renewal to the Techno scene.

  • Tzii — Brief Sun Flames
  • Sacred Lodge - Un Sueno Rojo
  • Techno Thriller - L’Armée Des Morts feat Drwiwy
  • Ancient Methods - The Whip
  • Weever - L’Ange De La Mort (Nigh/T\mare Remix)
  • The Fifth Stigma - The Last Leader In The Ruins Of Eter
  • Harsh Mentor - Majin
  • Low Order - Blind Youth
  • Crystal Geometry - State Violence
  • Øperat - Fixed Width
  • Incendie - Ghosts In The Walls Of My Mind
  • Öspiel - In the Name Of The Night
  • Lorenzo Mancino - September (Skelesys Remix)
  • Alexander Lewis - Mirror Fragment
  • Kay Mascara - Exorcism
  • Semantix - Viol8or
  • Hypnoskull - I Have Pulled The Blankets Of Doom Upon Me To Suffocate Elegantly
  • The Hanged Man x Abby Knives - Fears and Destruction
  • Trepaneringsritualen - Serpent Seed (Ancient Methods Remix)
  • Violent - Drawn By Pain
  • Nemmett - Claim Your Way
  • Techno Thriller - Les Chimères feat Naomie Klaus
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