Intermission Studio: Poly Chain


Project of Sasha Zakrevska, composer, dj, curator and graphic designer, born in 1993, Kyiv.

Poly Chain’s sonic mission, as Music For Candy Shops and the release on Mondoj showcase, aiming to bring breath of fresh air into the scene, painting ambiente and club-ready textures with a relevant hypnotic electro imprint.

Her performances for CXEMA and Unsound Festival pointed out the message of her sound, from a meditation perspective to a fractured condition; music is the vessel.

  • Mays.- Flow (Atmo Mix)
  • haera - nyja
  • Sasha Vosk - nфs
  • Koloah - My wind
  • Spekulant - Dracopiton
  • Roman K. x Vladimir Gnatenko - Una
  • Hartoneli - Nayultrin
  • Pavel Ambiont - Let dystopia Fade in Rain
  • Loweast - Polaris
  • Symonenko - pod blowana
  • Spekulant - Spekulant razbushevalsya
  • Vroda - Novi Sanzhary
  • Tepeh - 4m
  • mutant Joe - boom, drop
  • Svzz - ocean
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