KISS MY TRES: #9 // Lera Zagrevskaya loves you

Sasha Senkin / nuarrrrrrrr

For Friday the 13th we have something special!
Ladies and Gentlemen, all the way from Dortmund … her <3<3<3
Lera Zagrevskaya began her way as a DJ in the beginning of 2020 within Kharkiv formation Kultura Zvuka. After active presence in the party and participation in the life of the formation, in 2021 Lera moved to the capital of the Ukrainian electronic scene – Kyiv and began to collect her vinyl collection, favoring trance and magic sound. After a forced relocation in 2022, Lera found herself in Wroclaw and started to try to develop on the local scene while maintaining her identity. The local club Cialo helped her in this endeavor. After a successful return to music, she went to Dortmund for new adventures. Lera's sets are a complex ornament of intertwined styles from tech-house to breakbeat, which are folded into one audio canvas that will energize you and make you want to dance!

podobne odcinki


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