Pasmo gościnne: INSOUND™ with Passwar D, Sónicas, Ibiza



Passwar D, an alien being, channels its cosmic frequency through human imagination to create captivating sonic narratives, celebrating Earth’s manifold wonders. A keen observer of human experience, its music reflects the nuances of our sensibility. Through intricate explorations of experimental electronica, the artist weaves complex tapestries of soundscapes that mirror the nature of emotional existence. Whether it is composing its own music, performing live, or playing a DJ set, Passwar D’s mixing style is characterized by lavish instrumental treatment, incorporating sparse mix devices and everything in between. The unexpected is always to be expected. 



In a world shadowed by strife, Password D crafted this special INSOUND™ episode to ignite hope. This mix consists of recordings from a live DJ set at Sónicas Party in Ibiza, blended with studio post-production edits, to create an auditory journey that transcends musical boundaries. Merging old and new, this sonic journey serves as a reminder: amid adversity, music lights the way to a brighter and braver future. With each track, the artist’s intention to uplift and encourage resounds, illuminating the path ahead.

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Beats of Solidarity: #20: Kolektyw Chemia


Luksja Sound Premium: Fermented Girls / ISRAFIL


Saturday Saturation: #60