Pasmo gościnne: Veronica Maximova

This set is a combination of three projects and collaborations: Veronica Maximova, Gold Reflux and cadeu. It is a mix of techno, house, experimental and avant pop to radio pop. The song ‘Unbecoming You’ will be released officially on the 5th of May, 2023. Moon Fly and I Wish You Knew are the only demos in this set and will be released later this year. A remix of Moon Fly will be released before the original, on April 14th 2023. 
  • Veronica Maximova - This One's For You
  • Gold Reflux - Ends
  • Gold Reflux - Without Your Love
  • Veronica Maximova - Re-Establishing
  • Veronica Maximova - The Quiet Us
  • Veronica Maximova - Moon Fly (demo)
  • Cadeu - Don't Ask Again (Veronica Maximova Remix)
  • Gold Reflux - Love Is Kill
  • Gold Reflux - Sirin
  • Gold Reflux - Peptide
  • Gold Reflux - Someone Said
  • Gold Reflux - Waiting
  • Veronica Maximova - Unbecoming You (premiere)
  • Veronica Maximova - I Wish You Knew (demo)
  • Gold Reflux - Obsolete Vernacular
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Studio Łódź: DJ ULTRA Mix