PEŁNIA. Kapitał zaklina nową erę!: Wieczór z Elle Rêve


With an initial bouncy, summer house debut, Elle Rêve contrasts this with an eclectic mix of minimal techno and fast breakbeats in his live show.

Based in South East London, Elle Rêve is a musical project for exploring electronic sound and immersion. Contrasting an initial Summer House debut, his performances traverse a range of musical styles from EBM to disco to ambient. With monthly residencies at both London nightclub, Aaja and Warsaw-based community station Radio Kapitał; guest mixes and releases with label and magazine Social Records; and several performances at festivals and events; Elle Rêve proves to be an emerging flair within the underground club scene.


2020 has been a year of lonely dancing and change for myself, and I’m sure many others. I’ll be spinning an hour of music exclusively from 2020 for Radio Kapitał, highlighting some of the tunes that have bought me a smile amongst the chaos this year. Let’s welcome in the new year together!

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