Radio Alicja: #11 Szymon Wildstein

Tomasz Kowalski

Imagine a theatre run by pigs, the play that comes out of it, will it ruin your life?
You piggy could start everything, and bring it all to an end.
Hyperbole’s draft never quite finished, as if there were more extensions to be experienced.
has already arrived, why dont you change your life?

Today on radio Alicja we will feature the world premiere of Szymon Wildstein’s tape „SSSS”. We will have the chance to listen to his music along with a reading in the form of a play, featuring Dominika Swiecicka. Afterwards a cool down mix will be provided by DJ Alicja.

  • Roman Radkovic Collective - Danuska, Danuska Radkovic
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