Radio Alicja: #9 Oliver Fay: Memento Mori

Tomasz Kowalski

Is there an alternative ride to the carousel of commodity fetishism?

I conceived the piece as a sort of memento mori for counter culture/sun culture/alternative audio culture.
It is kind of a reflection of the conjecture in Zygmund Bauman’s “culture in a liquid modern world” about the insidious effects of commodification on creative industry under the influence of capital… how that influence has changed the agency of creativities agency from socially reactive and provocative to now more supermarket sweep/product line mentality with no real gravity or purpose other than the acquisition of clout, validation and temporary recognition… the death throes of rampant individualism.
This is a potential mourning for the loss of transgressive potential and the tragic notion that as a result of social media and platform capitalism all creativity must fall into a certain aesthetic line for the combine harvester of consumerism!

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