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Synergy Cult

This time we welcome one of the curators of Sound Archives broadcast Zenwerk and his friend Modest on our monthly broadcast with their b2b set which they played at the closing of FEUM party in Denmark, Aarhus.

The energies of Zenwerk and Modest didn’t just align – they harmonized, creating an unmistakable synergy (wink) with each other and with the crowd! This wasn’t just a b2b set – it was feeling, a trance-filled experience journey flowing seamlessly as the night turned into morning.

To pass the atmosphere of the mix we’ve created an analogue cover made from epoxy resin. For this cover we used Reindeer Lichen (which relates to fungus family) to pass the idea of the synergetic network experience and the beauty of nature. Reindeer Lichen is a natural bioindicator, marking whether the environment we are in is clean and in this particular case is groovy and trancey!

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