Xenolalia: #16 Lost tapes of Castello Bizzarro: Asbo Airlines

Klaudyna Koźmińska


Third episode of the series:
„Lost Tapes of Castello Bizzarro”

coming back to the found footages of concerts and dj sets of Castello Bizzarro Festival 2023

Asbo Airlines

Fuelled by the boundless realm of internet music and the freedom of independent content creation, scouting underground talent URL to IRL, rejecting seriousness and embracing experimentation, her music selection and production contribute to the popularization of rare and trap microgenres in Poland (swag). Since 2k15, Asbo (Airlines) has been curating gender-bending sets with a genre-blending adhd attitude that reach global audiences (wow). As a „rapper” (LOL), she performs as Krypt0suka.


captured by PLK @polak_

CASTELLO BIZZARRO is a queer gothic genre-bending music and arts festival happening in the medieval castle in Będzin, southern Poland.
Next edition is gonna take place on 26-28.07.2024

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