Nina Eba

Odesa is a huge Ukrainian city on the shores of the Black Sea, where about 1 million people live. The city has a centuries-old history, rich cultural life and is distinguished by unique architecture, and the historical center of Odessa is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage. However, none of this matters to the Russians. Since spring, Odesa has been subject to constant missile attacks from the sea, and last month also from Iranian kamikaze drones. The city, which was usually overcrowded with tourists on warm days, turned into a fortress in constant anticipation of rocket attacks and the arrival of invaders. And after each attack, the streets of the city burst with the sounds of ambulances, covering the usual sounds of the sea and seagulls. And together with the change in the city, the music of the local underground was also transformed, responding to the challenges of the times, and reflecting these dark times.

  • Oleksii Lupashko - Sequence
  • Del Cano - 24.02.22
  • Eazyopoluse - Esulopoyzae
  • LIGHT WAY - Human Error
  • Phite Noise - Phyllobates Terribilis
  • kozy246 - Thrill Of All
  • Native Outsider - Bloodshed
  • Souzy (unnamed and unrealised)
  • Renata Kazhan - rooms
  • Casa Ukrania - Okupatsia
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