Let the Chaos Calm You: ep. 10 – Soviet Electronic

Ali Eshqi

In Soviet Union despite the politically and artistically restrictive context, a few personalities made innovative music. Various nerds used synthesizers and a lot of artists experimented with weird electronic sounds. From the inventor Lev Termen (aka Leon Theremin) who invented probably the first electronic instrument in 1920s knwon as Theremin, Sofia Gubaidulina, a devout Tarar-Russian Orthodox who believed in music as a force for spiritual transcendence as a form of resistance against political oppression to Eduard Artemyev who composed the soundtracks of Tarkovsky’s Solaris and Stalker using the ANS synthesizer, a photoelectronic musical instrument created by Russian engineer Evgeny Murzin.

  • Lev Termen (Leon Theremin) - demonstrates probably the first electronic instrument that he has invented later known as "theremin" (1920's)
  • Oleg Buloshkin - Sacrament (1969)
  • Sofia Gubiadulina - Vivente / Non-vivante (1970)
  • E. Artemyev & S. Kreichi - Music from the film "Cosmos" played on the photoelectronic synthesizer ANS (1969)
  • Yuri Morozov - The Inexplicable, part 5 (1978)
  • Valentina Goncharova - Dance of Shiva (1988)
  • Alfred Schnittke - Stream (1971)
  • Eduard Artemyev - Meditation (from the film "Stalker") (1979)
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