Let the Chaos Calm You: ep. 9 – Mixing It Up!

Ali Eshqi

Jazz fusion that developed in the late 1960s, by employing elements from other genres, specially rock, funk and R&B, opened a totally new gate to the creative music. During half century from the early jazz fusion, the idea of combining musical elements has been normalized and developed so widely that the borders of music genres are disappearing. This episode is exploring the recent cross-genre music that employs musicals elements from almost anywhere, from free jazz to progressive rock, from folk to contemporary, up to a point that it’s really hard to choose a genre for them.

  • Girls In Airport - Fables (Fables, 2015 - Edition Records)
  • Immanuel Wilkins - Guarded Heart, Pt. 4 (Omega, 2020 - Blue Note)
  • Jakob Bro - Red Hook (Bay of Rainbows, 2017 - ECM)
  • Quartet Diminished - Rhapsody (Station Three, 2021 - Hermes Records)
  • Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet - Berlin (Polka, 2014 - Agora SA)
  • Light Star Guiding - The Ancient, The New (Light Star Guiding, 2019)
  • ARCANA - Gone Tomorrow (Arc of the Testimony, 2021 - M.O.D. Reloaded)
  • Jaubi - Zari (Nafs at Peace, 2021 - Astigmatic Records)
  • Chi Mai - Dans Dans (Sand, 2016 - Unday Records)
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