Let the Chaos Calm You: ep. 12 – Today`s Free Improvisation #1

Ali Eshqi

While the music scene is getting more and more commercialized the free improvisational music scene as a form which totally the opposite of commercial pop music grows more and more and thanks to internet the free improvisation enthusiasts has access to this music more than ever. In this episode and some more upcoming ones you will listen to some of the very recent free jazz and free improvisational records published mostly on 2021.

  • Will Glaser, Matthew Herd, Liam Noble - Song for the Snake Man (Climbing in Circles, 2021 - Ubuntu Music)
  • Ivo Perelman, Gordon Grdina, Hamin Honari - The Purity of Desire (The Purity of Desire, 2021 - Not Two Records)
  • Dave Rempis, Elizabeth Harnik, Michael Zerang - Triple Tube, Vol.2 (Triple Tube, 2020 - Not Two Records)
  • Frank Gratkowski, Philip Zoubek, Robert Landfermann, Dominik Mahnig - Fervent Glow (Torbid Daylight, 2020 - IMPAKT Records)
  • Space Quartet - Southern Grooves (Directions, 2021 - Clean Feed Records)
  • Sergio Armaroli, Fritz Houser - Angelica (Angelica, 2021 - Leo Records)
  • The Underflow - A Thin Eternity (Instant Opaque Evening, 2021 - Blue Chopsticks)
  • Alexey Kruglov, Carolyn Hume, Paul May, Oleg Udanov - Winter Aviary (Last Train from Narvskaya, 2021 - Leo Records)
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