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Julian RiekenHania Grześkiewicz

In today’s episode, we explore sound archives that highlight stories and musics of globally marginalised groups. We talk about the Tape Hunt of Costa Rican Calypso King, the Venezuelan archive of local communities, ArchivOlares, and a Turkish cassette shop in Berlin. We also feature digital projects: the Syrian Cassette Archives, the Instagram archive of Indian rock’n’roll and disco, Digging in India, and Habibi Funk – a label that re-releases funk and other related genres from the Arab world.

  • Freh Khodja - La Coladera
  • Nochi and Walter Ferguson - Rumba en Cahuita
  • Walter Ferguson - I am the King of Calypso
  • Cem Karaca - Es kamen Menschen an
  • Derya Yıldırım and Grup Şimşek - Gurbet
  • Yüksel Özkasap - Almanya'ya Mecbur Ettin
  • SCA Mixtape vol. 1, SIDE A
  • SCA Mixtape vol. 1, SIDE B
  • Convenezuela - Se me fue el Merengue
  • Charanjit Singh - Raga Kalavati
  • Hamid El Shaeri - Oyoun Houriyat
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