morning stories: #7 oil

Julian RiekenHania Grześkiewicz

Crude oil and palm oil are the hidden lubricants of the global capitalist system. In this episode, we talk about the wide-ranging impacts of oil extraction, and highlight stories in which oil becomes a catalyst for imagining alternative ways of existing on our planet. We feature a report from an oil state – Iran – where a feminist revolution is continuing, featuring the voice of activist and scholar Bahar Oghalai; we talk about steps taken to stop palm oil deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia; and we talk about campaigns to stop crude oil extraction in the Arctic, the Tiwi Islands, and South Africa.

We feature the Inughuit storyteller and drumsinger, Hivshu, whose work can be explored further on

  • Saba Alizadeh - I may never see you again
  • Shervin Hajipour - Baraye
  • Narges Dehghani - نرگس دهقانی
  • Sevdaliza - Woman, Life, Freedom
  • Hanyaterra - Hulu Hilir
  • Tarawangsawelas - Selalu
  • Hivshu - Healing Dance
  • Hivshu - Appreciation Song
  • Mamanta Crew - ‘Paakatringa Waya'
  • Miriam Makeba - ‘Ndodemny Ama (Beware, Verwoerd!)
  • Rojin Sharifi, Golnar Shahyar - Jeeve
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