morning stories: #8 voices

Julian RiekenHania Grześkiewicz

An episode centred on the voice. Voice as hope. Voice as resistance. Voice as a tool for self-empowerment, collective empowerment, for keeping memories and histories alive, and a weapon against being silenced.

Featuring the Iranian collective Only Voice Remains, artist Rayjashri Goody, the Grindmill Song Project, Otucha Collective, and Armenian scholar Gascia Ouzunian.

  • Otucha Collective - Ptaki i Tuta
  • Otucha Collective - Chmara idzie
  • Otucha Collective - Selo
  • Otucha Collective - Dodolica
  • Grindmill Songs Project - Songs of love for the migrant away from home
  • The Casteless Collective - Vaiyulla Pulla
  • Choir of Tehran University of the Arts - El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido
  • Rojin Sharifi, Golnar Shahyar - Jeeve
  • Roody - Zan
  • Djivan Gasparyan - They Took My Love Away
  • Andrius Arutiunian - Do Not Fear, Then!
  • Angela Álvarez - Camino Sin Rumbo
  • Chocolate Remix - Nos hagamos cargo
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