morning stories: #11 gardens

Julian RiekenHania Grześkiewicz

In today’s episode we look at projects that address losses in biodiversity through gardening, permaculture, and reforesting. What a permaculture farm in Palestine, a Senegalese ecovillage, a reforesting project in Jordan, and a desert agriculture project in Egypt have in common, is a focus on traditional knowledge to reimagine our relationship with land and nature.

  • Orchestra Baobab - Utrus Horas
  • Haya Zaatry - Winds of Jawlan
  • Maya al Khaldi - Other World
  • Lass (El Buho Remix)- Sénégal
  • Üdytü Ützeltürk And His Male Harem - Kairo
  • Maryam Saleh - Kont Rayeh
  • Ali Hassan Kuban - Mabruk
  • Bedouin Burger - Nomad
  • Ahmed Ben Ali - Yarait
  • Bideew Bou Bess - My Feeling (Sound Tracker version)
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