The Unspeakable Joy: #6: HMTW


For this month’s edition of Unspeakable Joy I’ve invited from Brazil, the Curitiba’s finest: Gabriel Badwan and Fernando Tortelli aka the HMTW DJs who are behind Curitiba party label Hometown, constantly on the search for rare grooves and gems of the 80s and 90s boogie, funk, balearic house, zouk and more. Their parties became a staple in town, having already invited names such s Millos Kaiser and Eternal Love, and preparing for a party with Mr Mendel in June. The 60 minute set is a peek into their selection.

  • Nemo - Dreaming (Raratongadelic Mix)
  • Wendi Rodgers - C’Mon lover (Radio Mix)
  • Second Messenger Research - Osmosis
  • Abre Tu Corazón (RFX Edit)
  • Maxine - Aliens (Club Mix)
  • Capella - Get Out Of My Case
  • Brand New X - Hype The Rhythm
  • Sim Fossil - Body Contact
  • Fratelli - Corsa (Disco Mix)
  • Magari - Don’t Touch (Demi Riquíssimo Remix)
  • DJ Tiny - Bass It Down (Dub)
  • DJ JM - Funicular feat. Swordman Kitala
  • DJ Rappers Brothers - La Hija de Don Coco
  • Kim Del Fierro - Want Me (Phantom Edit)
  • Erica Live Ft. Banana Gold - Owner of a Lonely Heart
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