COŚ SIĘ DZIEJE ??!: Voices across borders


Voices across borders: A solidarity broadcast with protests in Iran

Airing internationally on the week of March 20, 2023, for Nowruz نوروز

Featuring music, words and sound by Mohammad Abdolrezazadeh, Amir Amiri, Sarah Davachi, Leila Ghaffari, Saeed Kamjoo, Ni Vash and Anika, Secret Pyramid, Rouzbeh Shadpey, Soheil Soheili, Alya Al-Sultani and Roozbeh Tabandeh.

Accompanying visuals: Khosro Berahmandi and Taraneh Mosadegh.

This 1-hour international radio broadcast expresses solidarity with grassroots movements in Iran, which are demanding full democratic rights, gender equality and social justice. Globally, the Iranian diaspora has been on the streets to express support for protest movements in Iran. This radio broadcast creates space for Iranian voices and is an opportunity for people to listen. 

(All art shared surrounding this broadcast is included with the direct participation and coordination of the artists involved.)

  • Sarah Davachi - Perfumes III
  • Ensemble Kimya + Amir Amiri - Damâvand
  • Sarah Davachi - Border of Mind
  • Leila Ghaffari - Reflections
  • Mohammad Abdolrezazadeh - Reflections
  • Amir Amiri - Reflections
  • Secret Pyramid - Quiet Sky
  • Saeed Kamjoo - Improvisation at La Sala Rossa
  • Soheil Soheili and Joux - Charivari Basement Experience, compilation mix, (excerpt)
  • Alya Al-Sultani - Three Ages Of Woman-Mother
  • Ni Vash and Anika - No Fly Zone (feat. Nasim Luczaj)
  • Rouzbeh Shadpey - Untitled Reading (excerpt)
  • Roozbeh Tabandeh - Dance of Coppersmiths
  • Secret Pyramid - A Descent
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