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This month on If You’re Feeling Sinister, Neil’s on his own to give Ola a well earned break – though we’ve still got a couple of choices from our resting colleague. As well as music from Russia and Chile, Neil brings us pop music from across the globe. There are new tracks from Bernard Butler and Catherine Anne Davies, from Snow Coats, from Toygasm, and from Talking Violet. We’ve also got some music from the 60s, something from C86, and assorted other indie pop nonsense. There’s even a novelty pop record, recorded on shellac, from 1931.

  • The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
  • Toygasm - The House Gave Back No Answer
  • Smudge - Ingrown
  • Los Animales También Se Suicidan - Bicicleta
  • Albert Whelan - Pass! Shoot!! Goal!!!
  • Catherine Anne Davies & Bernard Butler - Sabotage (Looks So Easy)
  • Zoey Van Goey - Robot Tyrannosaur
  • Snow Coats - Navy Blue
  • Let’s Active - Fell
  • Весна Весна - Не играй / Don't play with me
  • Half Man Half Biscuit - I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart)
  • Carla J. Easton - Never Knew You
  • Velvet Crush - Hold Me Up
  • Talking Violet - Indigo
  • Neil Milton - Local Fan
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