jumpy daisy: #15 – SIRENS [Exiles]

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From what depths do sounds burst through the open door of a fish-tailed girl’s mouth? What does a crowned female creature with wounded breasts lament? Sirens appear mostly in groups and they rarely sing in unison. The voice they make does not come from the same place as orderly explanations, but grounded in the belly and below. The goblets they hold in their claw-fingered hands are filled with various dark liquids – luring for those who are willing to get dirty for knowledge, sickening to the ones who detest the complexity of truth. In Western culture, the character of the Siren is associated with carnal knowledge, it is believed that her ecstatic vocals stir up sinful desires, but in fact her monstrosity lies elsewhere. What she actually gives voice to is a corporeal knowledge: life filtered through the flesh. Experiences are penetrating the bones and they create the memory of the body. The one that is equally the terrain of subversive pleasure and trauma – both, when voiced, are capable of disrupting the social order and are therefore traditionally persecuted.’ – Dominika Trapp

Sirens is the latest annual compilation by EXILES focusing on the sonic exploration of maritime fantasies. The album contains 20 luring vocal-based tracks and volatile ambient takes.

All digital album purchases will be donated to The Women For Women Together Against Violence Association (NANE), which was established in 1994 with the aim to fight violence against women and children. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, active at the individual, community, and social level.

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