KISS MY TRES: #11 / Loves_kills & Slow PSTL love you

Sasha Senkin / nuarrrrrrrr

Ladies and Gentlemen, B2B GUEST MIX, for the first time in KISS MY TRES radio showwww<3<3<3
Please Welcome – Loves_kills & Slow PSTL!

Loves_kills – Ukrainian DJ, based in Berlin. Pop music nerd and avid digger, disco and house classics Refuge Worldwide radio resident.
Slow PSTL – French DJ, who loves to dig deep into rave sounds of 90’s progressive house and bring it back to life on various Berlin dancefloors. Together they create a power couple & a DJ duo that became Vechornitsy parties residents.
They serve a mix of joy and pleasure with a sprinkle of cheesiness at every gig.
Get ready for this cutie duo:3 And don't forget – Loves_kills & Slow PSTL love you!

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