Odpływ: #17 Changs Dreaming

Sonia Surma

„It was recorded in the 14th century, in the History of the Sung Dynasty, that the Empress Chang-i dreamed that there were two suns in the sky, that one of them fell and that she caught it with the front of her gown. It was also recorded that she dreamed that someone barefoot, dressed in feathers, came through her window.


It was recorded in the 7th century, in the Encyclopedia for Literary Composition, that the wife of Chang Huan, governor of Wu-wei, dreamed that she was wearing her husband’s official seal, climbed up a tower, and began to sing.


It was also recorded in the T’ai-p’ing Miscellany, that Chang Shen-t’ung dreamed that another eat grew on his head. It was noted that he became known as Three-Eared Scholar.


It was noted in the 3rd century BCE, in the Han Fei Tzu, that Chang Min and Kao Hui were friends, but lived far apart and rarely met, and that Chang went to find Kao in a dream, but halfway there became lost”.

W swoim eseju o wymownym tytule „Changs Dreaming”, Eliot Weinberger przywołuje sny osób o imieniu Chang. Biorąc za motyw przewodni te nieoczywiste obrazy i historie bez puenty, w tym tygodniu zmrużymy oczy i wyruszymy w podróż po wyśnionym Państwie Środka.

  • Celer – (06.24.17) Birds Inside the High Halls of Hangzhou, (06.23.17) Shanghai Red Line, Metro Karaoke
  • Piotr Kurek – Paper Tigers
  • Wang Fan – Zero
  • 夏宇 & 颜峻 – 自我的地狱——致波赫士(1899-1986) (A Personal Hell - To Borges (1899-1986))
  • FM3 – Mao - 卯
  • Kink Gong – Soundscape China, Part 1
  • Eric Lin – Untitled
  • Sabiwa – In the Mood of Valencia
  • Pan Daijing – Dictee
  • Dajuin Yao – Garden of Memories
  • Wfdd – Sin
  • 夏宇 & 颜峻 – 你不觉得她很适合早上吗?——为Yan写给一个塞内加尔女人 (Don't You Feel the Morning Becomes Her? - For Yan for a Senegalese Woman)
  • Sheng Jie 盛潔 & Shen Jing 沈靜 – SJSJ III 叁
  • Roberto Musci – Kioko’s Deck
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