Pasmo gościnne: Aghnie


Aghnie is an alias of a Tbilisi-based sound artist Ika Jojua whose style ranges from noise to new club styles, with an emphasis on sound art. He has released a number of albums on labels such Genot Centre & Crash Cymbals, and contributed to numerous mixes, site-specific sound installations & performances.

„This mix is entirely comprised of materials which I have made while working on my last record „Demur” in the last 2 years. I had a bunch of stuff left over that didn`t make on the record, so I opted for utilizing all those offcuts, b-sides and early demos that were birthed during the recording sessions. The result is me trying to interweave all those disparate sounds that somehow contrast yet coalesce into one another: from dissonant noise pieces to dreamy echoes, from cheeky bits to introspective tunes.
Hope you enjoy.”

  • 1. Intro for Radio Kapitał
  • 2. Facelift ASMR
  • 3. Hecti
  • 4. Another
  • 5.Tbilisi xoxo
  • 6. Mothwhipped
  • 7. Footage
  • 8. Days In Oblivion
  • 9. Grindr
  • 10. Blas
  • 11. CLAWstatic
  • 12. LIpstick Thriller
  • 13. Pagan.XR
  • 14. Upgrade(A)void
  • 15. Old Buildings
  • 16. Shaft
  • 17. Moss
  • 18. Nute
  • 19. Ethereal Shardz
  • 20. Room RItual
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