sonic-fiction: Grischa Lichtenberger

Adam Radź

Gościem tego odcinka sonicznej fikcji będzie Grischa Lichtenberger – muzyk, artysta dźwiękowy i wizualny, znany głównie z wydawnictw na niemieckim labelu raster (wcześniej raster-noton).

„when i started the mix with a sketch i was working on the last days i noticed a passage where a sound of a piano key beeing released sounded a bit like a voice. this sound reminded me of something. almost like i could here a voice speaking. i found this small piece by gill scott-heron, whose voice-sound is just so iconic it sticks with you, once you have heard it the first time. here he is reciting <<the revolution will not be televised…>>. so eventhough i wouldn’t have wanted to make a topical reflection on what happened and happens in america these days, the memory of his voice must have come to me through some sort of collective unconsciousness and i couldn’t else but remember my first ever album my brother released on his lable tokyo trauma back in 2005 – the title was <<die wiederholung der geschichte der amerikanische heimatlosigkeit>> (the repetition of the history of the american homelessness)…

so on one hand the mix has this tension or struggle between immediacy, actuality and memory, america and europe if you want, on the other hand i just thought of a monday night walk in the city and mixed a bunch of archival sketches with some tracks i came to like. i hope you enjoy.” 

  • 0620_02_rs_ss_1 (archival 2020)
  • 1108_26_lv ss 2 (archival 2008)
  • gil scott-heron - the revolution will not be televised (1971)
  • 0220_04 faunad (achrival 2020)
  • 1119_27_re 0616 6 syn arp b (archival 2019)
  • 1018_25 lv re mxmx (archival 2018)
  • patricia - thoughts of you (several shades of the same color, 2017)
  • rythm & sound - carrier (carrier, 1999)
  • richard skelton - shore (marking time, 2011)
  • 0213_25 julias orgalett ir forest (archival 2013)
  • surgeon - first (basictonalvocabulary, 1997)
  • 1119_16 lvsktch bs (archival 2019)
  • 1119_17 buchla sk 2 lfo kic (archival 2019)
  • 0520_23 resonators (archival 2020)
  • francisco guerrero - coma berenice (2003)
  • 0120_19 kt no strings (archival 2019)
  • alex ebert - america for me (a most violent year ost, 2014)
  • grischa lichtenberger - rezeptionsexperiment (die wiederholung der geschichte der amerikanischen heimatlosigkeit, 2005)
  • 0517_24_re 0117 03 (archival 2017)
  • 0617_26_lv 1 vcs (archival 2017)
  • 0115_08_er 0914 freeze (archival 2015)
  • 0512_10 orch 1 del (archival 2012)
  • 0112_19 lv 1 laaarr2 (archival 2012)
  • grischa lichtenberger - re derec (kamilhan - il y a péril en la demeure, 2020)
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